Thursday, October 15, 2015


Please let me flood your screen with pictures of me, I just missed it. 
I won't probably share all of the details in this blog post because I am trying to write 'em all down on one blog post. Would just sum it up with what's currently on my mind.

October 2015 is probably the worst month ever (So far) minsan iniisip ko ano kayang nangyari last year? Was I this malas? Anyways, I had dengue, Adam had his hand stitched, computer broke and all the files went on suicide mode with it. After dengue, I still have to rest for a week. Parang ang daming kulang sakin. I always tell adam I'm sad and I don't know why. Sabi ko nga, it seems like the mosquito took some of my happy blood tapos parang iba. I am not OC naman but it feels like as if ang dami kong di nagawa. Parang kulang na nga yung oras ko and I don't even know where to put myself tapos ninakawan nya ako ng 1 week na hospitalization tapos 1 week na rest. Hay.

Yesterday, I was able to clean our room. Nasilip and na organize ko kahit papano yung art materials ko. Ang dami kong ideas in mind and natuwa ako. Parang yun yung nawawala this past few days. Parang wala akong gustong gawin kasi parang wala akong alam gawin. Ang lungkot. True what the husband says, "Ang hirap maging tambay".

Anyways, selfies because I was so sick to take selfies last week. I mean real selfies na may hashtag na #selfie, lol. Na miss ko lang. hihihi. Anyways, I'll be back to work this Monday. Mag co-commute nanaman ako. Ayoko na tumambay dito sa bahay pero naiiyak ako pag naaalala ko mag co-commute nanaman ako. Huhu.

How about you guys?
 How's your October 2015 so far? 
Hope it's not as bad as mine!