Saturday, August 8, 2015

OOTD: Dress down for a week!

I've been very busy with work and life that I was not able to post my ootd's last week. Thank you Lord for waking me up early today, so i can (at least) relax by blogging. Anyways, we were on dress down mode last week for the week long celebration of Swann's 6th year anniversary with our company. Hooray for I have celebrated 3 anniversaries with them (It means that I have stayed with them for almost 3 years, so.. Achievement unlocked!) and it feels so darn good!

On my last ootd entry, I have mentioned that I have been abusing my rainy day shoes because I've been wearing it for dress down or dress up days, when I really bought it for dress up days only (I have tons of shoes but I only have 1 girly girl shoes), So I decided that since it's dress down for a week, then why not wake up my shoes that were on hibernation mode for quite some time now, yeah?

Anyhoos, below are my work ootd's last week:

Yes, there's 5 days in a work week, but I was absent for a day,so boo-hoo!

Thank you for reading!

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