Friday, July 24, 2015

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Hi there dear readers! How was your week? Mine was kind of..... uhm.... ahh... well.. Good just because nothing bad really happened it just sucks because it rained alot.. and I am really not a fan of that kind of weather... well not if you live in Marikina.. and not when you commute or if you ride motorcycle every day on your way to work (Shoutout to Majo! Hello friend! hahaha) .. Anyways, let's just forget about the rain and let's look on the brighter side of life haha!

Well, wala akong maisip na pang segway because I'm just to sick to think (lol) So let me just go jump and show you my ootd's for this week! :P

"Alin.. Alin.. Alin ang naiba" Okay, so I am giving you permission to sing the song.. Why? Just because this song just keeps on playing inside my head.. Haha. Wore different clothes, yes but if you guys have noticed, I've been wearing the same shoes for the past few weeks. This is my rainy day shoes and my current favorite. I bought it at Reva and I've been wearing it since the day that i bought it. It's just so comfortable, it doesn't feel like it's plastic or rubber. I forgot what the store person said about what it is made out of but I sure do remember how she described the shoes to me "Maam, sobrang sarap nya po sa paa and matibay sya. Kayo nalang po mag sasawang mag suot nyan." And it's true! Well, I don't know about the magsasawa cause I have not thought of it (Malay nyo kasi di ko sya pagsasawaan, baka may forever... lol

I forgot the exact price but i think it's 250-ish php. Anyways, that's it for the day! Brhent's about to wake up in a few and I have to prepare his breakfast because THE KID HAZZZZ SATURDAY CLASS damn rain!

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