Saturday, July 4, 2015

Life Lately

- Went to LTO to accompany my friend, and went to Cafe Alfredo after since it's still early and I need to pick Brhent up from school. I suggest that you go to this place if you just want to kill time over a good merienda. The place is very cozy and the food's cheap but delish! *Totally Inlove with the caramel milk tea* :P

- Went home from work, bought ice cream for me and the boyfriend and watched Rocko's Modern Life. This is my way of welcoming my Restday!

- Picked Brhent up from the In laws and went to KFC! He's been craving for Jollibee and KFC the whole week. We made him choose where to go... KFC wins! Yey!

- I don't cook. Not just because I don't want to, but I JUST - CAN'T - COOK. I don't know what's with this week's restday, but guess what.. I COOKED LUNCH & DINNER! --- Achievement Unlocked! *Credits to the boyfriend for cooking rice and Chicken* lol For lunch, we had chicken and diced potato with cream cheese and bacon and had Beans with oyster sauce and fish fillet for dinner :)

This indeed is the most productive restday I had so far! Adam and I cleaned the house as well. We will be doing the laundry later, and I on the other hand would be back to work tomorrow, and Adam would be doing his daddy duties because it's school time again for Brhent the poging bata. :)

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